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I'm interested in Amplify - what do I get from it?

Devised and delivered by industry experts, the programme is designed to take the leadership teams of digital, creative and tech businesses with over 10 employees to the next level.

Your full leadership team will be expertly coached to raise your growth ambitions, achieve them and, most importantly, sustain them.

Over two thirds of the programme cost is covered, with each business then contributing £6,000 exc VAT. For this, you get...

European Best Practice Trip

See how the most successful companies in Europe do things, learning best practice and advice on the pitfalls to avoid

Growth Sprint

Teaching you how to continually, incrementally grow through short, sharp experimentation to get you past the usual stumbling blocks

One on One Expert Guidance

A tailored match between you and an expert from the sector whose walked the path, focusing on you and your business goals, giving knowledge and helping maintain your growth

See into the Future

Predict what lies ahead at the Forward Planning Event, mapping out your future milestones so you can sustain your growth in the long term

Nine Months of Nurture

You'll receive monthly content and growth challenges to keep you focused and accountable

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About the author

Ben Fowler

Ben Fowler

Ben has spent the last eight years working across the private, public and third sectors on a range of business growth and support programmes, helping anyone from high street shops to tech start-ups. After a stint working on the customisation of CRM systems for organisations, Ben now manages the Amplify programme at GC Business Growth Hub, helping established digital, creative and tech businesses grow at pace.